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Derezа front suspension

Dereza front suspension to Xiaomi electric scooter for m365, 1S, pro, pro2 models. Plug and play system.
Front suspension lever type.

Unfortunately, this front suspension never saw the light of day, in March 2022 it was planned to start serial production, but the complete Russian aggression and the genocide of the Ukrainian people prevented this. This project is not developing, although at the moment there is already a developed and tested next version 2.0 of the prototype, in which it is possible to install a 150 mm shock absorber. Full version information will be available when we can mass produce this suspension. Currently, the suspension is produced but very little, so ordering it is not possible for most users. Thank you for your understanding and support Ukraine, everything will be fine!

air shock -

Parameters for air shock absorbers:

– for compression;
– 125 mm;
– single-chamber, double-chamber;
– pump up to your weight;

spring shock lex1store

Parameters for spring shock absorbers:

– for compression;
– 1000-1400 lbs (70-100 kg);
– 125-130 mm;
(Not recommended for heavyweights)

Video tutorial how to install

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Dereza front suspension is designed for a 125-130mm shock absorber, type shock: for compression. A minimum 1000 lbs spring shock can be installed.The best shock absorption effect can be achieved by installing a single-chamber or double-chamber air shock.

Incoming parts Dereza

open full screendereza front suspension kit contains without shock absorber

Additional information


black matte


2024, sheet steel 3 mm, sheet steel 4 mm


1500 gram


galvanization + powder paint

shock absorber option

air shock, spring shock, without shock

some characteristics of the Dereza front suspension

Instal and driving of Dereza Front Suspension

Factory fork disassembly, front suspension assembly, spring and air shock work demonstration in Dereza front suspension.

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